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  • Re: What Did You Do Airplane Wise Today?
    You certainly do like your P40s, Jim! Smiley

  • Re: Another Cub
    Thanks everyone.
    Yes a Duane Cole Taylorcraft Bostonian.

  • Re: Peanut newbie.. help?
    Planning on covering it with 1.4 mil Laminating film.. 17 to 20 gms sq metre .. dependant on who is weighing
     Dunno how that  compares to tissue, but same  (mebe less) weights as...

  • Re: PZL Wilga for .5cc diesel
    The joy of using engine mounting plates. I am sure the extra power will be sufficient and a steeper climb will not be out of place as it is a STOL aeroplane. How much is the weight gain? Surely not too much. Lok forward to seeing it in August.

  • PA15 build started
    I noticed after starting my build that the copy was a smidge too big so the wingspan will be 13.25". Not going to worry about it. With dihedral, tip-to-tip might still be 13".

    I'm sitting bedside with my mom in the hospital (pneumonia). Peanut was per...