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  • Duarte High School 3rd Saturday Night Indoor Flying Sessions
    For those of you in California, in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernadino area, you are invited to fly with us, or just watch, at the Duarte High School 3rd Saturday Night Indoor Flying Sessions.  Bring a model or models and fly with us,  This i...

  • Re: A Sikorsky R6 rubber powered flying model helicopter.

    I have a small project I am working on now but soon I will begun a new R6 build, I have got to get this to fly, I was watching an old movie and saw the R6 flying in it so that has got me going, I was so close to flight the last time and I lea...

  • Re: Gee Bee Z - Dumas kit build
    Seriously consider doubling or tripling the number of Fuse stringers. I did and it made a significant improvement on the realism of the model.
     The small weight gains have small effect as these GB's don't fly exceptionally well under gummy band power....

  • Re: HONEY BEE embryo
    I was speaking with friends over on Stick and Tissue about what color scheme to apply to this Honey Bee. A suggestion was made to copy the actual bee, so I wracked my brain on how to do this. For the first time I printed tissue on my printer.

    thanx again, for learning purposes lets use an example the PA 40 version is 6.5 oz less motor ….. 16 strand braided motor 18in long - weight .098 oz or 2.79 G ..rough model weight RTF 7.5 oz.  14x12 balsa home brew prop.

    what would your prediction be i...