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  • Re: What Did You Do Airplane Wise Today?
    Fixed my tx yesterday. It had swallowed a switch and also had a couple of washers running around inside. Why don't they put loctite or lockwashers on those funny little nuts that hold the switches in place? Fortunately, I have a dead JR that I can stea...

  • Re: What Did You Do Airplane Wise Today?
    Thanks Neil - we'll see if I can get more than 20 seconds out of it with the new props.  I'm going to have to try to tame the warps in the fins a bit before flying it...


  • Re: 6" Indoor Gliders
    Hey Josh, do you have a favorite "small" indoor chuck glider? I'm talking sort of about the size of a regular Sweepette glider.

  • Re: Swing Control
    Here's a screenshot of it. Not 100% sure yet how it works. My assumption at the moment is that only the down line moves and is attached to the hole in the arm on the left. The metal fitting on the right is the up and down stop. The notch next to it is ...

  • Re: What Did You Do Airplane Wise Today?
    Finished up a new set of props for the 15" Megow Skyrocket.  P/D 1.4, 4.5" dia, carved following a Don Deloach prop block diagram from the September 2008 Flying Models magazine....