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  • Re: Electric Wright Stuff trial event for Div. B or C?
    Well there are microscopic dimensions but that is actually inherent in the starting material.  For example, a good starting material is activated carbon commonly used for filtration in fish tanks.  This material has an incredible amount of surface area...

  • Re: wing loading FF rubber
    Hi All,
    Ok so I read through this thread and I am going to drop some advice. This is the advice commonly given to aspiring free flight geeks and often ignored, mostly because it is hard to get all inspired by something that in not a "cool scale model"....

  • Re: Mooney M20
    Yes, and they seemed to be fairly sensitive to loading/cg. Nice landings seemed to be easier to achieve with weight in the back. Never tried landing one with 0o flaps.

  • Re: The Czech approach: TA 152 H plan by Petr Kholar rubber powered 1/20 scale
    "one of the most difficult plane to build!!!"
    That is what I decided when I got the kit.  I opened the box and looked at the plans and printwood and decided that it was beyond my skills.  It sat in my kit pile for about 20 years before I gifted it to M...

  • Re: Mooney M20
    And, on a personal note: the Mooney's were always some of my favorite single engine airplanes to fly, but landing them was a different story! Probably the most difficult type to land consistently. Every once in a while, you'd grease one on, and ...